A Torah Scroll - Judaism’s most sacred object - is being donated to the students of SUNY New Paltz.

The Bible Scroll is an exact replica of scroll given to Moses over 3000 years ago.

The Torah scroll symbolizes the Jewish people.  Each Jew corresponds to one letter.  Just as the Torah is incomplete if one letter is missing or even cracked, so too each Jew is equally important and constitutes an integral part of the Jewish people.

Finishing Torah- 12:00pm
Student Union Building First Floor #100
Main SUNY Entrance

Participate as expert scribe pens in the last few letters in the parchment scroll with a feather quill.

Procession - 12:30pm

From Campus to Chabad

Accompany the Torah with fanfare & dancing as it is carried under a canopy to its new home.

1:00pm-3:00pm Reception

Chabad of New Paltz
10 S. Oakwood Terrace

Brunch & Hakafot – Dancing Ceremony

When a torah comes to town it’s a celebration for the entire community.