If you are not going home for the Seders, you are more than invited to join with us.

Our Seders are simple enough for someone who’s never been to one, yet intriguing enough for someone who can lead their own.
Everything will be explained step by step.
For more info. about the seders General/ First/ Second/ Contact Us

Yes I will be joining you for the Seder on:


Both seders start at 8:00 (but end at either 10:30 or 12:30).

The following people will be joining me:

The Seders are held at the Chabad House
10 S Oakwood Terrace (one block behind Shango) Map

Seders are free for SUNY New Paltz stdent. Donations are encouraged. Suggested range is $5 to $1,000.
For non students, suggested donation is $72. Make your donation