With great gratitude to G-D almighty we are excited to announce that Bracha had a baby boy.

The baby's name is Shmuel. He was born on the same day as the Fourth Rebbe who was named after a water carrier from Polotzk who passed way on the day of his Bris. From stories about the Rebbes life, it is apparent that some of his qualities came from the greatness of the day on which he was born.

At 5:13pm on the 2nd day of Iyar 5765 corresponding to May 11th 2005 the 3rd boy was born into our family weighing 7lb 13.9oz.
Both mother and baby are thank G-D healthy.

For a few early pictures you can visit His Photo Gallery
We will hopefully be adding some more pictures shortly.
We will also G-D willing be adding a video when we have time at www.newpaltz.edu/~plotkinm/babyvid.wmv