Sukkah 2Shabbat in the hut

Come spend Shabbat with all the Super Shabbat regulars in a what? In a Hut!

Check out that funny lookin shack outside the Rabbi’s house. We’re doin Shabbat in there this week. It’s called a Sukkah for the harvest festival.

7:30 Friday Oct 6th @ 10 S Oakwood Click here for a map.

What is more holy than Yom Kippur, more inspirational than Rosh Hashanah, tastes better than any brownies you have ever had, and has to do with a bunch of leaves (not m.j.)? It’s Sukkot!!! Come see it, understand it, feel it! This week Friday Night.


The sukkah is open to everyone at all times. Come eat your food in it, shake the lulav, or just hang our in G-Ds grace. The following are some of the things happening in the sukkah, but you can come at any time to do what ever make you feel most connected. For more info., any other questions and more learning opportunities call us at 255-8191 or visit