This is part of a three part series to promote the great achievements of our great land, to understand the hardships it is facing and to defend its right to defend itself!

The next two events will be G-D willing on a much larger scale with international speakers and thorough advertising.

We are currently negotiating with Neil Lazarus from Awesome Seminars. Those of us who have heard him know that he is truly awesome!
The tentative date for that event is March 7th although it is likely to change based on his availability and other factors.

The next one with a tentative date of April 4th is still in the initial planning stages.

Come Join in a discussion about our home land!
Monday Feb. 6th at 8:00 in the Purple Lounge.

There will be a panel of people who have spent time recently in Israel or who have considerable familiarity with life there.
Adam Margolis
Lauren Kurtz
Prof. Shula Aizer

We will be discussing our connection to Israel.
Some questions will be …
Our Right to the Land
American Jews responsibility
What does the world gain?
And what Life is like over there.

Falafel will be served amazing stories will be told and plans for further advocacy programs will be discussed.