Super Shabat with the President
A Shabbat for all students

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The time when students from all walks of life come together. A chance to feed your body and nourish your soul. We start with the traditional Shalom Aleichem the move on to Kiddush, Chalah and a delicious dinner.
We sing songs of encouragement like "A narrow bridge", songs of inspiration like "The Bear Dance" (not beer), songs of unity like "Hinei Matov", and songs of laughter like "Old Folks Young Folks".
We hear words of Torah and discuss many enlightening and sometimes controversial topics.

We try to have one every month. If you can not make it to one of those friday night dinners, or you you just want more, you can come any Friday night or Saturday Day that we are here.
This month its March10th  at 7:00pm
And we have a special guest! the President of our university! President Poskanzer!