First Seder at Chabad   

The emphasis at this Seder will be on brevity. It will still include all of the traditions, with lots of insight and inspiration. But we will do so in a concise manner.
Starting at 8:00pm and done by 10:30pm

 The Talmud tells us: In every generation, a person should view himself as if he had been part of the Exodus from Egypt!

HaggadahSimply put, this means that when we go to a Seder and all we do is talk about events that happened in the past, we are not really doing Passover.

A Seder is an interactive, multi-media experience that is designed to help a person experience Exodus on a personal and spiritual level.

The Seder takes the Exodus out of history and brings it into life!

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Everyone is welcome to come and go as they please.