An “Upshernish” is a beautiful custom marking a Jewish boy’s 3rd birthday and the start of his formal education. A child is compared to a tree which needs many years of  love and nurture before it  has matured enough to reap its first fruits. Just as we are commanded to wait three years before harvesting the fruit of a tree so too we  wait until the child’s 3rd  birthday to cut his hair for the very first time. We leave the Peyot and he begins to wear a Kippah and Tzitzit as a reminder of this new stage which he is entering.


We celebrate with the holy letters of the Aleph-Bet, covered in honey, to show him the sweetness of knowledge and the joy we attain through it formally introducing little Rafi to the wonderful world of learning.


Family and friends participate by snipping off a small lock of hair, and enjoying the treats and sweets celebrating this milestone.