For Immediate Release
April 26th 2007

Contact: Rabbi Moshe Plotkin, Chabad of New Paltz (845) 255-8191,

SUNY Students to Host Bone Marrow Drive

On May 2nd at 8:00pm in the Crispell Dorm and on May 3rd 11:00am-1:00pm on Campus Concourse.

The students will be campaigning to have as many Jewish People as possible to register as potential donors in the bone marrow database.

How is this different than a Blood drive?
    To register you do not need a blood test – no needles all you need to do is give a cheek swab, and if at some point you are a match, you will know that your marrow is going to be used immediately to save someone’s life, and you may be the only one in the world who can do that.

While anybody can be tested we will be concentrating on getting Jewish people into the database. The science of finding a match is such that the closer you are related to an individual the more of a chance you have to be a match. The current international database has 13,000,000 people in it. However due to demographics, minorities will by default be under represented. It is the goal of “Gift of Life” the foundation that is coordinating and underwriting this campaign, to fill in the Jewish sample base as densely as possible. The Talmud states that “One who save a single life, it is as if they save an entire world”.

 Can you do this at any time through other organizations?
          Technically you can order your own registration packet and test your self.   “I have seen these packets available wherever the Red Cross has a booth” says Rabbi Plotkin “however upon inquiring about the procedure, you are notified that the potential donor will need to pay a substantial fee to have it processed and submitted. After all, the lab work alone costs $70”. In this campaign which Chabad is co hosting with Hillel and AEPHI. The “Gift of Life” foundation will be contributing over $10,000 to sponsor the first 125 people to register.

 In response to the V-Tech tragedy.
          “We are doing something to reaffirm what has always been true. College campuses are places that save lives and give life not the other way around,” Explained Plotkin “we are giving students a chance to make a difference.”

For more info. Call the Chabad Jewish Student Center at 255-8191 or visit